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Best Infrared Thermometers

The device is designed for determining the temperature of the surface. The working principle of the pyrometer is based on the contactless removal of parameters by converting the infrared radiation of the heated object. The tool is equipped with a laser sight allows to consider a point of the zone of radiation. The processed data are reflected on the display. Key indicators of the device: temperature range, indicator of error, a function of the optical resolution. Recently I read infrared thermometer reviews from another website and decided write own review.


The best household thermometers

KW MS6531 – overload indication

KW MS6531 – overload indication

Compact pyrometer with comfortable ergonomic body made in the form of a pistol grip. The device is equipped with convex, intuitively felt by large buttons. The range of measured temperatures: from -50 to +550°C accuracy up to ±0.1°.

Liquid crystal display provided with the backlight reflects the data obtained, including testimony by an overload of negative or positive temperatures.


  • Good accuracy, clear display, large font.
  • Sleek design with large buttons.
  • Measure everything, including the temperature of the smoke from the chimney.


  • The seller declares country of origin Russia, but in fact China.

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